And now, at long last, our very own WVOtter has stepped up to claim his prize for winning the last “Shoot Me Down.” As my special guest, here he is to spout off about some cockamamie nonsense*–I mean, to express his opinion about a very important topic.

Take it away WV:
_When and where I grew up, there was no hunting allowed whatsoever on Sundays, and I feel this is still the best policy. Leaving one day per week off the hunter’s calendar is reasonable, and states that have lifted that ban should reconsider.

Don’t get me wrong. I value my time in the woods. But in the peak of deer season, we hunters hit the woods hard. From before sunrise until after sunset, we wander about, spooking everything from squirrels to bears. Isn’t it fair to leave one day when the wildlife can recuperate? Isn’t it fair to give landowners who have been generous enough to grant us access one day when they can meander on their own land, or for parishes to be full and not hear rifle shots during service? I believe a day for the woods and rural communities and residents to reboot is worth one day lost to us._


Image courtesy of the National Rifle Association

Some states allow Sunday hunting on private land only. My argument here is similar to one we’ve probably all used in the gun-control arena. Isn’t this a stepping stone to opening up all land to Sunday hunting? Just as we want to enjoy our hobby over the weekend, so do other outdoor enthusiasts. These folks are passionate about their hobbies, contribute to the local economy, and want to share their pastime with their children, too. The way for all of us to coexist on weekends, without the typical tensions, is simple: Saturday for hunters; Sunday for everyone else.
There you have it. Stand with me or shoot me down._

*Kidding, kidding.