Dave Hurteau and I are having plenty of fun overseeing these contests, where we get to read some hilarious entries, then award prizes donated by Cabela’s as they celebrate their 50th anniversary.


I wasn’t sure what to expect when we threw up this campy photo of a sleeping hunter and a snooping buck, but once again, there were some true gems in the 400-plus nominees. This time we streamlined our selection process by dropping our normal Steering, Ad-Hoc and Sub-sub committees in favor of a simple 3-man committee (me, Hurteau and fellow FS regular Steve Hill). And yes, the only requirement to serve was to be, well, simple.


So without further prelude, here are the 10 runners-up (in no particular order), who will each receive one of these slick Cabela’s 50th anniversary hats:

“Bad day to switch to decaf.” Swift Arrow

“Using his “Snore-Wheeze” call, Joe always gets the big one.” Bjohnston

“Be vewy, vewy, quiet…He’s dweaming…” SD Whitetail Hunter

“Upcoming Pennsylvania Game Commission law revision will address “baiting loophole.” WhackDaddy

“After the does heard of his bravery, the 8-point never again had to chase during the rut.” IWfeeney.

“Damn pacemaker.” TMurray

“Bring a lunch and sit all day to improve your success. That Bestul character is full of crap.” Boone28 decoy EVER!” Kansasjeff

“Researchers began work immediately on the new bologna and cheese “Rage” Sgtsly.

“After years of pulling the peanut-brittle, snake-in-a-can trick, Bill fell victim to the gang’s “buck-in-your-lunchbox” trick and had a massive coronary.” Pistermete.


And the winner of the rifle case above, who got us all chuckling with his perfectly delivered reference to Star Trek’s Mr. Spock, was MNobles23:
Step 1-Vulcan Nerve Pinch
Step 2-Lunch

Congrats to all the winners, I’ll be contacting you guys soon. And thanks to everyone who entered! It pained me to have to whittle this contest down to 10 captions, because there were some truly funny ones who deserved to be in the list above. We’ll throw up another caption soon, and we encourage all who entered to keep on trying!