Whitetail Hunting photo

Well we had a record number of entries for this, the final caption contest sponsored by the folks at Cabela’s, who are in thick of 50th Anniversary revelry as we speak. There’s nothing quite like the wholly painless pleasure of giving away stuff that isn’t yours, and so we salute the Cabela’s crew for their largesse and wish them a Happy 50th.

There were, as always, some very clever captions submitted, and the elite judging team (me and Dave) argued vigorously–between snorts of laughter–about which lines were the funniest.


But after some arm-wrestling and name-calling, we narrowed the list to 10 runners-up and one winner.

So without further ado, here are the 10 winners (in no particular order) of a very cool Cabela’s hat:

“Fore? Count again!”

“You mind if I play through?”

“Ahhh.. The Bridge of Death!! Now what was the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?” (Monte Python)

“I’m too old for this jumpin’ ditches crap!”

“Cabela’s Outdoor Adventures weren’t kidding when they said they had hunting AND golf packages together.”

“Damn Garmin!! I knew I made a wrong turn at the pitch & put!!”

The only way to have pride in shooting a 160+ on the links.

“A little bitter about being thrown out of the club, Buck marked everyone’s balls, and left footprints all over the course.”

“Best damn beaver dam I ever seen!”
-Walt Smith

“That’s the last time i follow that bachelor group.”


And the winning caption, whose writer is now the owner of a really nice shotgun case, is:

“The extra effort we put in to create a funnel is really starting to pay off.”

Congrats to all of you, and many thanks to everyone who participated. We’ll contact the winners soon and get your prizes to you.