The Elite Eight of Whitetail Brush Rifles

On the radio this morning and it’s all UConn vs. Butler. But who can be bothered with that when the all-time deer-killing king is about to go head-to-head with perhaps the best all-around whitetail rifle ever made, in the 94 vs. 99 matchup. And if it’s a shootout you’re after, we’ve got the North Woods’ ubiquitous pump vs. its autoloading brother.


With Division II play wrapped up, including an not-very-surprising upset pulled off by the popular Woodsmaster, we arrive the our Elite Eight. So, as usual, check out the bracket ([you can click here to print out a larger copy if you want to fill it out](/files/editor_files/Bracket Elite Eight_1.pdf)). Then vote for your preferred brush rifle in each matchup below. And in a few days, we will have our Final Four.