Well things are getting interesting now, aren’t they? Not to mention a little upsetting as one of the stars in my cabinet, the venerable 99, goes down in flames. (Oh well, I’ve got two more still in the running.) Meanwhile, who’d have guessed that a bolt–even one so popular as the Model Seven–would get this deep into the tourney? But it has, and we now have our final four matchups.


First is the aforementioned Seven vs. the most popular deer rifle ever made. I think we can at least pencil that one in. But second is a far more interesting matchup: the 336 vs. the 7600. A few years back, I traded a 760 in .35 Rem. for a 336 in .35 Rem.–and am still not sure who got the better gun in the deal. I know this: At the Adirondack camps I where I’ve hunted, there are more of the two-seed 7600 than the one-seed 336.

Anyway, as they say, you’ve got to play the games. So let’s play. As usual, check out the bracket ([you can click here to print out a larger copy if you want to fill it out](/files/editor_files/Bracket Final Four.pdf)). Then vote for your preferred brush rifle in each matchup below. And in a few days, I’ll announce our final matchup for the title of Whitetail Brush Rifle Champ.

Vote For The Final Four Here: