Whitetail Hunting photo



Okay, let’s get right to it. My 10 runners up–whose prize this time is a heartfelt “attaboy” from me (lucky you)–are:

–“Although not as well known as its cousin the Jackalope, the Bushy-Tailed Squeer is just as difficult to pursue.” -MaxPower

–“That explains the rubs up at 10 feet.” -fliphuntr14

–“What can I say, my Dad was blinded by the rut!” -jfas

–“Bob’s aggressive trophy management system has had some truly remarkable results.” -jcarlin –“So this is what you use the “Kruncher” for.” -neuman23

–“Can’t wait till these things fall off so I can eat um.” -Bushwackers

–“People , let me reassure you there is no radiation leaking from the Fukishima Daichi Nuclear plant.” -voyotehowler

–“Finally, one of those pesky squirrels rustling in the leaves is a big buck.” -firedawg

I especially liked “Proof that Rocky and Bullwinkle were more than just friends,” from mfjager, but alas, it painted a little too unsettling a mental image. JMcCullum’s “Stop trying to turn squirrel hunting into deer hunting,” a keen riff on Bourjaily’s recent “Stop Trying to Turn Turkey Hunting into Deer Hunting” was the near-winner. But in the end, and as usual, brevity prevails; the winning caption is:

“Quack….” -openwater115


Congrats openwater, you are the soon-to-be owner of a new Cabela’s 50th Anniversary folding knife made by Gerber. I’ll be contacting you soon.