I’m a pretty average shot with a bow, but I recognize a great shooter when I see one. None, however, have compared with Heath Getty, the young man featured in this video. Heath is a 26-year old from Kansas and, as the footage will prove, he can flat-out shoot.

I’m always amazed by a truly great marksman, whether he wields a gun or bow. And you can get some interesting debates going about whether such accuracy is a gift or whether it comes from hard work. My contention has always been that it’s a combination of both. Sure a guy can squander incredible potential by not practicing, but I’m also convinced that superior shots–just like world class athletes–are born with something the average guy will never have. Incredible eyesight and superior hand-eye coordination are not coachable qualities, at least to any significant degree.

Still, it’s tempting to watch a shooter like Heath Getty–who can probably powder more clay targets with arrows than I could with shotshells–and think “Maybe with some practice I could do that.”

Then I remember my annual struggle to get proficient just on tree stand shots on deer-size game. I don’t care how many arrows I fling…I don’t have a prayer of shooting like Heath. But I sure enjoy watching him…