Great job, as usual, folks. If any of you missed this post, go back and check out the reader tips now; you’re almost guaranteed to pick up a trick or two that’ll make your summer scouting more effective.

So who wins the new 8-megapixel Stealth Cam Delta 8 Trail Camera, courtesy of and available exclusively from Cabela’s?

Well, if I’d asked for the longest summer tip, the winner would be 2Poppa.

Had I wanted the most tips in one post, the winner would be 2Poppa.

But I asked for the single best summer-scouting tip, and so the winner is…2Poppa.

Among the several suggestions in 2Poppa’s post, this is the one I like best:
Many years ago I bought three hundred outdoor temperature gauges at a flea market, that are light weight and easy to hang. I have hung these gauges in many locations, such as different areas in hollows, on points, fields, creek beds, and ridges. __
Over the years after checking the temperature gauges, I’ve realized why certain particular areas hold deer, while other areas are void. I have noticed some hollows and ridges will have an eight to twelve degree difference especially on very hot days. Most of these areas that are cooler will have the ground holding moisture, water, and condensation, much longer, allowing a bunking deer to be much more comfortable than one bunking in a much similar, warmer area, marked by a higher reading on the temperature gauge.

I’m sure you don’t need hundreds of gauges to make this tip work for you, and you could learn some hugely valuable information for those early-bow-season hot spells. Congrats 2Poppa. I’ll be contacting you soon about your new camera.