I know. I know. It’s been way too long. If you are among the majority of folks waiting patiently for the announcement of the winner of this contest, I’m afraid I have to ask you to wait just a little longer. Sorry for the trouble. If you are among the few waiting impatiently, I understand your frustration, but what can I tell you? I don’t like excuses either, but some things cannot be helped, despite every effort.

There was a glitch with the actual score of one of the bucks, and the owner could not be reached for comment. I’m told I’ll have the information I need early next week. Better to wait and get the score right, I think, than to post the wrong winning score. In the meantime, this contest is now closed. No more guesses. I have written a comment to that effect on the last post, and we will not accept any guesses that come after that comment.

I hope to announce a winner early next week.