In my continuing coverage of our annual bow test, last week I covered the bow that tied for 9th place, the PSE Bow Madness. This post is devoted to the “other” 9th place bow, the Quest REV. These bows tied not because they are identical, or even similar, but simply because their overall scores matched.

For details of how the test is conducted, see the original post. Every week from now until September, I’ll be posting reviews of the test bows, counting them down from #14 to #1 and revealing the winner here, shortly after the September issue hits mail boxes and newsstands.

This week we’ll continue the countdown with:

Bow #9 (version 2.0): Quest Rev


Price: $659 Weight: 4 lbs. 5 oz. Length: 32″ axle-to-axle Speed: 320 fps (IBO); 270fps (our test: 29-1/4″, 437gr. Carbon Express Aramid arrow. 28.5 draw length, 70lbs)

Comments/Notes: Quest is a relatively new company that seems to make a better bow each year, and the REV is probably their best yet. This is a sleek, nice-looking bow, with a forged, black aluminum riser and camo limbs. The brace height is a generous 7-5/8″, which should mean great forgiveness for hunting situations. The twin Sync™ cams provide good speed for a bow at this price point, and at a shade under 4-1/2 pounds, the REV seems a nice, light hunting bow that would be easy to tote in the mountains or to a distant treestand.

Hits: Perfect 10’s in any category always catch my attention, and the back wall of the REV notched that mark from everyone in my test team. This is a bow that just anchors at full draw. The draw cycle was nice and smooth, and the REV drew lots of praise in the fit/finish category; it’s just a fine-looking bow that exhibits nice attention to detail.

Misses: Two testers gave poor marks to the REV’s grip; one felt it was “a good shape, but slippery feel”, while the other simply felt the grip was too large. The REV also lost points for loudness and felt vibration, though we agreed that this could be tamed with a little work.

The Takeaway: Quest has taken a nice leap forward with the REV, and this is a well-built, relatively quick bow that held its own with competitors that commanded much higher prices. I always like a bow with a generous brace height, and the REV’s should insure accuracy under the imperfect conditions we all encounter in the field. This REV impressed me as a dependable hunting bow that looks like it should cost more than the price tag.