Lots of good ones for this caption contest, as usual, folks. Good news: the question of whether or not you will be the winner of this week’s fabulous prize–a pair of Cabela’s 50th Anniversary Limited-Edition Boots by Meindl (shown below) worth nearly $400–will not be determined by my sense of humor alone this time, nor mine and Bestul’s, because we couldn’t agree on this one. So I took an informal survey of a select group of F&S editors and contributors (whoever would answer the phone). Good luck.

Here are the runners up:

“Nice Rack.” “Nice Legs.” -Lexer Wolf

An example of what has happened to the National Forest Deer here in VA. -VAHunter540

Army Man with Binoculars: “There is a monster buck on the ridge next to the grasshopper.” EOD Army Man: “If only I wasn’t stuck with a metal detector…” -BrandonScarbel

“We’ll have to measure this one with the new Boone & Cricket scoring guidelines.” -FlyBorchetti

“So, Jiminy, you’re telling me if I keep lying my antlers will get BIGGER and BIGGER?!!” -Blase110


“Son, your mother and I have decided it’s time to tell you the truth….you’re adopted.” -Blase110

“Wisconsin 2015: I think Doctor Deer got it wrong.” -duck20

“Take your time, if you get both the hopper and the deer, all you need is the blue duck for the wonderland grand slam.” -duck20

“I just ate your rubline….;) got your back brother.” -lamphere29

An Arizona Coues deer in his natural habitat. -MattB

“Ok, I’m not quite sure how to tell you this, but where I’m from, I’mmmm kind of a Big deal.” -joshd

And the winner is:

Uh oh……I think I ate the wrong mushrooms again!! -RedHeadHunter

Congrats, RedHead. I’ll be contacting you soon.