One perceptive– and perhaps a little lucky– reader will soon hear the rumble of a delivery truck, carrying his spanking new Bowtech Invasion CPX compound bow. Is it you? Well let’s see now…


The actual gross B&C scores of the four bucks shown are as follows:

Buck #1, taken by Paul Ranft, measures 171 4/8.

Buck #2, taken by Jayson Nunn, goes 155 1/8. (I know, I guessed too low, too. The downward angle makes this tall and tight rack look smaller than it actually is–but we verified the score twice. Also, Nunn, I’m told, is a big boy, whose presence in a photo makes any buck’s rack look smaller. I’m seriously impressed at how many of you put him in the high 140s to mid 150s.)

Buck #3**, taken by James Guseman, scores 154 5/8.

And Buck #4, taken by Darrell Bozarth, grosses 176 3/8

The total gross B&C score for all four is therefore 657 5/8, which means we have a winner, and it is hunter182, who guessed 658 2/8, a mere 5/8 off. Congratulations, hunter! Looks like you will have to sight in a new bow mid-season. Poor guy.

I’ll be contacting you soon.