I just returned from my local Dick’s Sporting Goods where I bought two Comfort Zone Hunter Hang-On treestands for about $50! Here’s what I had to say about this stand last fall: There is no better deal I know of in hang-on treestands.

Let’s be clear: There are better–much better–hang-ons. The Hunter requires complete assembly. It does not have backpacking straps, and the platform is not huge at 20×24 inches. The seat is thin, and it does not attach to the tree as solidly as some.

But, this steel stand is reasonably light at 16.7 pounds (by my scale, ready to hunt). It is surprisingly quiet, with solid construction and plastic washers at virtually every contact point–it attaches plenty securely if you just fiddle with it a little–and unlike most cheapies, it features the same sort of quick-cinching strap (although more cheaply made) you find on expensive models, which makes for fast, easy hanging.

When I said that, the stand was priced between $34.95 and $39.95. Right now, online and at the stores in my area at least, the stand is going for a shockingly paltry $29.98. With a coupon, I paid about $25 each.

For the record, I have nothing to gain from plugging this stand. I’m just here to tell you, again, that if you like a bargain, go buy one. Or half a dozen.