Whitetail Hunting photo



Stephen Esker, the Ohio crossbow hunter who shot a pair of 200-class whitetails inside the Columbus city limits in back-to-back seasons and rented a helicopter to recover one of the bucks, shares news of yet another dandy Columbus bruiser that was taken last night by Ronnie Stevens with a Parker compound bow. Esker taped this massive 11-point typical with just over 196 gross inches and a net score of 189 and change. That’s a green score, of course, but Esker thinks the buck will rank among the top 16 typicals in the Boone and Crockett book after the 60-day drying period.

Stevens was driving home from his kid’s volleyball practice last week when he spotted the buck standing in a suburban bean field. He started knocking on doors, secured permission and quickly set up a trail cam. In a day he had photos, and a week later the buck was feeding right under his stand.

Stay tuned for more details.