Wisconsin’s Jeff Weber had never tagged a buck with archery gear. Indeed, he’d never even drawn on a whitetail, and he’d purchased his first bow only four weeks ago. So what does Weber do in his freshman season as a bowhunter? He tags a jaw-dropping buck that has the potential to rank among the Badger State’s largest bow-killed typicals.

Weber, who lives in Johnsburg, Wisconsin, was hunting near the town of Pipe when he arrowed this monster 15-point, a massive buck with an inside spread of 22-3/8″. No word on a green B&C score for this awesome trophy, but it’s a safe bet it will rank high in the Wisconsin book if Weber chooses to enter it. For a brief video clip of this great whitetail and an interview with Weber, click this link. Congrats to Jeff on a fantastic buck!

We’re working on getting you more info and photos of this bruiser, so stay tuned!