You may remember that back in February I had some fun with the name of this product–an aerosol spray containing vanillin extract that according to the website “jams big-game animal’s ability to smell.”

That post got a big response, so I feel obliged to update you with the latest from Nose Jammer, in which Jammer developer John Redmond “jams one up” and “bangs one out,” as he puts it.

What can I tell you? I’m a born skeptic. I need to be convinced, first hand. But I will say this: I know Ted Marum, who is not affiliated with the product but is mentioned in the video. Ted is unequivocally a no-B.S., stand-up guy and one of the best whitetail guides in the country. He was there and said that he can’t explain it, but those deer should have busted John. That doesn’t convince me, but it does pique my interest. So, if I can get my hands on some Nose Jammer, who among you would be willing to test it?