_by Dave Hurteau


Being a full-time mountain man probably sucked as often as it was really cool. But when you only do it for a week, it’s only really cool. Then you go back home to your king bed. Late last month, I went on a backcountry elk hunt in Colorado. It’s what we here at Field & Stream call a business trip.

But first, a couple of other things: Before leaving, I argued in a post that having a speedy bow lets you use a heavier arrow and broadhead without giving up too much in trajectory. It’s scant and anecdotal evidence, I know, but that formula worked out pretty well on this hunt. Also before I left, I asked if you would take a quartering-to shot with a bow at a deer.

It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t answer my own question: So, no– at least, I never have and don’t plan to. But there are hunters I respect and trust who insist it is absolutely deadly with today’s fast bows. If you watch outdoor TV, you have no doubt noticed that taking the shot is a growing trend. Still, I’m not ready to contradict every state’s hunter-ed manual.

Now, onto the elk hunt. Click here to see all the pictures from my trip.