Having fledged under the wing of the great David E. Petzal, I know I should be a glass snob. But my Northeastern, lower-middle-class upbringing won’t allow it. Here in one of the many heavily wooded, economically depressed parts of the country, the way many of us buy scopes is we walk into a big box store, pick a decent-looking scope at a can’t-beat price, and put it on the ol’ deer rifle.

So, as I say in this video clip, that’s just what I did for an upcoming gear test on riflescopes, each for under $100, in the Dec./Jan. issue of Field & Stream. Now don’t get me wrong: I’ve done enough open-country hunting to know the value of truly outstanding glass, but on the other hand, some of these cheap scopes were surprisingly bright and clear, not to mention shockingly durable.