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In our last “Shoot Me Down,” I argued that “Speed Kills” because a fast bow allows you to use a heavier arrow and larger broadhead without giving up too much in trajectory. In response, lovetohunt gave us a thesis on kinetic energy, momentum and most interestingly, bow-and-arrow efficiency. Now, as our SMD winner, he is here to rant and rave as my special guest.

Take it away, lovetohunt:

Expensive bows are worth every penny.

All too often I see people hunting with bows that look like they were made in a toyshop 15 years ago. These folks can’t seem to justify spending the money on today’s better models, but I don’t think they realize that these expensive bows kill deer better than those ancient bows do.

Now, I’m not saying you need to buy a brand-new, top-of-the-line bow every year–or that older bows can’t kill deer. I am saying that you will be amazed how much more accurate and deadly you are with a newer bow. These models have vastly improved technology. (I am not going to explain all of the tech stuff). This in turn makes you more accurate and confidant, and when you are in the woods confidence is everything. With the old, cheap bows–shooting 175 fps or a little better–if you misjudge distance by five yards, you could end up wounding a deer. But with today’s high-end bows, five yards hardly makes any difference, and you are eating backstraps for dinner.

Another good reason to spend the money is that archery season is much longer than firearms season in most states. So why not give yourself better odds by investing more into archery gear? You can be in the woods a lot longer, and anyone who has ever hunted deer knows that getting a good shot can take many days and sometimes weeks of hunting hard. When you do get your chance, you want to know that your bow can put the arrow where it needs to go.

So there you have it. Today’s top bows aren’t cheap, but I think the cost is well worth it. Stand with me or shoot me down.