Someone has won a brand new Bushnell Elite 3-9×40 DOA 600 scope. But I’m not going to tell you who just yet.

First, here are the actual gross B&C scores of the four bucks we took–all on the first day of the hunt–at Trophy Ridge Outfitters in northeastern Wyoming, a real sleeper area for whitetails, where we saw deer pretty much everywhere we looked:

Buck #1, taken by Kevin Howard of Howard Communications, measures 136 2/8

Buck #2, taken by F&S contributor Brad Fenson, goes 129 4/8

Buck #3, taken by Winchester’s Jason Gilbertson, tapes 121 6/8

And my buck, #4, measures 136 even

Many of you guessed too high on these, but you must remember that this was an industry hunt, and we in the industry are professionals at making deer look bigger in photos than they really are.

In any case, the total gross B&C score for all four is 523 4/8, which means we have a winner, and it is iwfeeney, who guessed 523 5/8, a mere and remarkable 1/8 off. Way to go, iwfeeney! I’ll be contacting you soon.