Reader Cole Meadows sent us these incredible, albeit graphic, photos, saying, “These have been going around the Internet. I know the coyote problems here in Ohio are bad. Hopefully you could post these pictures so we can get hunters motivated to start controlling coyote populations.”

You can view all the photos in this series here on Deer & Deer Hunting‘s website. WARNING: THESE PHOTOS CONTAIN GRAPHIC IMAGES


Making the photos an argument for more predator control may be taking them out of context, seeing that we have no idea what the context is. What’s clear, though, is that at least two coyotes manage to take down a heck of a velvet 10-pointer in August–particularly intersting given the new studies suggesting that coyotes play a larger-than-ever-expected role in deer predation. (See Bestul’s column on same.)

I’ll let you draw your own conculsions.