How to Tell Good Acorns—And Pick The Right Tree To Hunt Near

You need to know who to steal from, goes the saying (even though it should go "whom to steal from"), and for this video I have stolen a tip outright from Bestul, who stole it from a logger buddy of his. When you're hunting an area with lots of oaks and you need to figure out which trees the deer are feeding under, make sure to keep a sharp eye out for acorns that do not have their caps. It's something a lot of hunters overlook but shouldn't. Acorns that fall with caps often have rotten or punky flesh; those that fall without caps typically have fine, firm flesh and are therefore preferred by the deer.

It's a useful bit of knowledge when there are lots of acorns, of course, but also during years like this--at least around here--when there are very few. Before you pat yourself on the back for finding the one tree dropping nuts, check the acorns closely and make sure the flesh is good before you hang a stand.