Domestic Pet Hair Fly Winner Announced

After careful thought, I have decided to award the prize (The Little Red Book of Fly Fishing) to Kyle Deneen.

He wrote: My cat Schizmak, (I just wanted to put his name in there because its cool) is a long haired Russian Blue, when the winters are around I take his under coat and use it for some of the best dubbing I have ever used. A cats undercoat will make the best “hairs ear nymph” but I guess we should now call it the “cat hairs nymph.” Also my buddies and I from Fat Guy Fly Fishing found out that my back hair makes great dubbing after my wife shaves my back.

Granted, the cat hair approach isn’t earthshaking, but the name Schizmak is indeed a winner. And any guy willing to tie flies with his back hair, and admit it on deserves kudos (for what that’s worth coming from a man who put a picture of himself in a blue dress on

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