Shown here in a fist-pumping hero shot before the police showed up, Ryan Jackson of Rushford, MN, hasn’t had much to celebrate since. If you frequent this blog, you may recall the story we broke last month about a buck allegedly poached from an enclosure only 20 miles from my home. Apparently, Mr. Jackson shot the buck, dragged it from the pen, and registered it as a wild, hunter-harvested deer.

He even drove the buck around to show it off to area deer hunters, including his old classmates at the local high school. Presumably, these visits resulted in the several celebratory photos of Jackson and his prize, including this shot.

The wheels quickly come off Jackson’s victory tour, however, and he’s now been formally charged with four counts, including a felony. Here’s the latest from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

_A 20-year-old man from Rushford, Minn., has been charged with felony theft for allegedly shooting a 21-point domesticated deer in a rural Houston County pen with a bow and arrow, then claiming he killed it in the wild.

Ryan Lucas Jackson also faces three other counts of trespassing, criminal damage to property for allegedly cutting a fence to remove the trophy buck, and unauthorized release of animals. Ten other deer escaped the pen in the Dec. 8 incident; two, including an eight-point buck valued at about $10,000, are still missing…_