Once again, you’ve wowed us with your enthusiasm and, with well over 400 entries submitted, we were swamped with some excellent candidates. After hours of heated debate with Hurteau (OK, he sent me his Top 10, which nearly matched mine), I’ve picked the winner of the generous $100 gift card from our friends at Bass Pro Shops. Thanks to all who entered.

Before we name our winner, we thought it appropriate to give a shout-out to some of the oh-so-close entries that made choosing difficult. Here are five catchy runners-up, in no particular order.

“Baseball cards? When I was your age, we’d stick a deer in the spokes!” from Fezzant

“Remind me not to take up elk hunting next year…” from RWNewhouse

“Good thing I left my unicycle in the garage this morning!” from Morgan Noffey

“The new Summit ‘Wheelie’ is not only a state-of-the-art climber…” from sgtsly

“I might be late for school.” from buck Kelly

Some great stuff there, but we liked the nod to the extreme sports craze offered by Wes Stripling, who submitted this winner:

“Sports that never made it to the X-Games!”

Congrats to Wes and thanks to everyone for participating!