Whitetail Hunting photo

Watch enough hunting videos or outdoor television, and you can’t help but notice an integral part of the modern deer hunter’s uniform; the high-topped rubber boot. Said to trap stinky foot odor and reduce a hunter’s scent trail as he heads toward his stand or blind, rubber boots have been the footwear of choice for an entire generation of whitetail nuts.

Well, I’m here to tell you they stink.

I hate rubber boots. They’re tough to get on and impossible to take off. They’re hot as blazes in the early season and cold as ice as soon as the mercury drops. They’re usually ill-fitting and clunky to walk in. And scent control? I’ve got a year-old pair of rubber boots that were liberally washed in no-scent soap the day I got them and have enjoyed a permanent residence in my outdoor shed ever since. They still smell like a Goodyear tire to my 50-year old nose.

Four falls ago, I decided to start wearing leather (or combo leather/cordura) boots, and I’ll never go back. My feet are comfy and warm, and I don’t have any more deer spooking from my scent trail than I did when wore rubber boots. So there you have it. Stand with me or shoot me down. The person who makes the best argument for or against can guest blog the next Shoot Me Down.