While away on a Louisiana turkey hunt with the outrageously generous Busbice family (the folks behind Wildgame Innovations and Synergy Outdoors, about which I’ll be writing more soon), I asked Bestul to pick his favorite captions among the nearly 400 you provided for the photo here in last week’s contest. I say this so you’ll know whom to blame.

Our nine runners up, in no particular order are:

Jebediah finally let the kids pack their own lunch for school. –WHOSURDAD


Amish drive by. –diplomat019

Levi Yoder’s horses all lived in fear of “being sent to the back of the wagon.” –Bob

“To celebrate the bountiful harvest of the day, tonight we’ll party like it’s 1699.” –Redford

The New Amish delivery service called Deer 2 You was given high marks for tasty meat, but low marks for delivery times.. –Jesse Brown

You don’t EVER mess with an Amish-man’s turnips… –PA009

At least we know it wasn’t spotlighted… –Zach Baldwin

In amish country there is no such thing as fast food –olinger302

On the next episode of “Survivor: Lancaster, PA….” –Sparky42474

And the winner of the Cabela’s pack, cleverly playing on the award we recently gave to his prize–Cabela’s excellent Bow and Rifle Pack–is hunterjp88, with:
F&S Best of the Best 1779 Winner for “Game Carts”

Congrats, hunterjp88. We’ll be contacting you soon about your new pack.