Caption Contest Winner Announced!

While away on a Louisiana turkey hunt with the outrageously generous Busbice family (the folks behind Wildgame Innovations and Synergy Outdoors, about which I'll be writing more soon), I asked Bestul to pick his favorite captions among the nearly 400 you provided for the photo here in last week's contest. I say this so you'll know whom to blame.

Our nine runners up, in no particular order are:

Jebediah finally let the kids pack their own lunch for school. --WHOSURDAD

Amish drive by. --diplomat019

Levi Yoder's horses all lived in fear of "being sent to the back of the wagon." --Bob

"To celebrate the bountiful harvest of the day, tonight we'll party like it's 1699." --Redford

The New Amish delivery service called Deer 2 You was given high marks for tasty meat, but low marks for delivery times.. --Jesse Brown

You don't EVER mess with an Amish-man's turnips... --PA009

At least we know it wasn't spotlighted... --Zach Baldwin

In amish country there is no such thing as fast food --olinger302

On the next episode of "Survivor: Lancaster, PA…." --Sparky42474

And the winner of the Cabela's pack, cleverly playing on the award we recently gave to his prize--Cabela's excellent Bow and Rifle Pack--is hunterjp88, with:
F&S Best of the Best 1779 Winner for "Game Carts"

Congrats, hunterjp88. We'll be contacting you soon about your new pack.