There may have been a few surprises along the way, but the Championship matchup is all chalk. It’s the top-seed Winchester Model 70 vs. the top-seed Remington 700, just as several of you openly predicted and many of us no doubt expected. I’ve got to believe the 700 has the edge here, but let’s tip it off and find out.

You know the drill: Check out the bracket below (you can click here to print out a copy if you want to fill it out by hand). Then vote for your preferred all-purpose whitetail rifle in the final matchup to choose the F&S All-Purpose Whitetail Rifle Champ.


Division I
1. Winchester Model 70: The rifleman’s rifle is back better than ever, and the Featherweight version is both easy to carry and deadly at long ranges. Jack would approve.

Division II **
**1. Remington Model 700:
Perhaps the most popular American bolt action ever made, even though it’s a push feed. Its time-tested accuracy has only been enhanced by the new X-Mark Pro trigger.