Is that the hum of a delivery truck you hear? Getting closer? Carrying a new Bowtech Insanity CPX just for you. Well, let’s see now…

The actual gross B&C scores of this contest’s four bucks are as follow:

Buck #1, taken by Daniel Gissendaner: 163 4/8.
Buck #2, taken by Darrell Bozarth: 159 7/8.
Buck #3, taken by Mitch Stroble: 149 3/8.
And Buck #4, taken by Joe Dampier: 154 2/8

The total gross B&C score for all four is therefore 627 even, which means we have a tie. Both IND_NRA and lamphere29 guessed 627 1/8, just 1/8 off. (Incidentally, there was also a tie for the runner-up position with stickbow13 and jman22 both off by just 2/8s, which entitles each to a kiss from his sister, or if they can work it out, a kiss from each others’ sister.)

Congratulations to our finalists, IND_NRA and lamphere29. You two are going head-to-head. I will post your tiebreaker buck on Monday.