So, the responses to my last post reveal first and most importantly that I was right and that only about 25 percent of you do the hang-and-hunt thing. So with this second video, which runs through the gear you need, I invite you to give the method a try*; it’s a handy thing to have in your bag of tricks even if you don’t need to pull it out very often.

What’s more, being able to hang a stand and get yourself ready to hunt in just a few minutes with only one trip up the tree is a good skill to possess, whether you plan to break down the stand afterward or not. To that point, you may notice that one of the last items I mention in this clip is a safety line, which may have you wondering, “Why put up a whole line (instead of a simple tether) for a one-stop hunt?”

It’s because while I may go into a hunt planning to pull the stand immediately afterwards, I frequently change my mind. Maybe I saw lots of deer, didn’t get busted, and want to give the spot another try. This way, a full-blown safety line with a sliding prussic knot, which isn’t much harder to install than a simple tether, is waiting for me at the bottom of the tree when I come back.

In any case, stay tuned. About 70 percent of you who don’t currently hang-and-hunt said you would if you could hang a lock-on stand in seven minutes. And, having now teased this thing nearly to death, I will finally show you how tomorrow.

*At your own risk, of course; I can only be responsible for the stupid things that I do