Bestul should have done these videos. He introduced me to the nutty, nutty method called hang-and-hunt, which seems to be so popular with the bowhunting kids these days. When he told me–oh, ten years ago–that he routinely goes into an area, hangs a lock-on stand, hunts, and then breaks it all down immediately afterward, I said, “You’re a freaking nut.”

For hit-and-run deer hunts, I have always been more of a climbing-stand guy; that and it used to take me a half hour–on a good day–to hang a lock-on stand. But now that I’ve gotten a little faster, I’ll admit to seeing the upside of using a lock-on for one-stop hunts: Not limited, as you are with a climber, to straight, branchless trees, you can hunt from whatever perch puts you in the absolute best spot.

So, because the video editor lives closer to me, I (instead of Bestul) give you the first of three clips on how to hang a lock-on stand in no time flat so you can get in, get your deer, and get out. This first one is just a simple intro to hang-and-hunt; tomorrow I’ll show you the equipment I like; and finally on Thursday, I’ll hang a stand in roughly seven minutes.

Anyway, my guess is that only a relative handful of you currently do the hang-and-hunt thing (because you have to be a bit of a nut to contemplate it in the first place). But why guess?

Instead, I ask you: