_by Scott Bestul
The Pennsylvania Game Commission just wrapped up a survey asking questions to some 6,000 randomly selected Keystone State deer hunters. According to the preliminary report, the 3,572 responses paint a picture of the “average” PA whitetail hunter, who happens to be 47-years-old, has 29 years of hunting experience, lives in a rural area, was taught to hunt by a parent or grandparent, and is in good-to-excellent health.

And according to the stats, that hunter is most likely to:

–Hunt to relax, enjoy nature, and escape from everyday concerns (93%, the other options were “to harvest a deer” or “spend time with family and friends who hunt”)
–Not harvest a buck (only 18% did)
–Butcher own deer (51% said they did it all, 37% paid a processor)
–Hunt private land (48% hunted private, 34% hunted a combination of public/private)
–Hunt for free (only 5% leased land)
–Not use a trail camera (81% didn’t own a one)
–Not use an elevated stand, urine-based lures, or drives to bag a deer.

So, I’m wondering: How do you compare? Who is the average Field & Stream deer hunter?

Here’s a quick poll to help us find out: