Man, put a pair of awesome boots–Cabela’s Air Revolution by Meindl— on the line, and folks get creative in a hurry! Hurteau and I pored over 300-plus caption entries and did our normal arm-wrestling over which we thought were best. As usual, we narrowed it down to 11 that were all stellar. Here are the 10 runners-up, in no particular order:

“Say Uncle!!” from Fishman24

“Honorable mention, 2012 National High School Taxidermy Competition” from Cuz

“Please hold still during the CAT scan.” from BigTex

“Dang, not another PA Game Commission poaching decoy! They get me every time!” from Dan Sahd

“I wish I could quit you…” from BuckshottOO

“Boone & Crockett officials are still trying to decide how The Kitty Buck’s rack should be scored.” from guyandarifle

“Bambi soon realized that the shortcut through the catnip patch may not have been the best idea after all!” from SoCalBowhunter

“The lions make this look easy on Animal Planet!” from RGW3

“The DNR is introducing mountain lions to control the deer herd. My girlfriend’s uncle’s son-in-law got a picture to prove it.” from Kris Goetz

“They call him…The deer whisperer.” from Buckshott000

These were all excellent entries that came whisper-close to walking home with a free pair of boots. But the winner–a man who’ll hopefully have some happy feet this fall–came from Josh Giannino, who submitted this great caption:

“After the third shot from the back deck missed, I decided to throw the cat.”

Josh, we’ll be contacting you soon so we can ship you your boots.