I had assumed, based on…well, nothing really, that the readers of this blog were more gun-centric. (“Gun-centric” by the way is a term I coined just this second, adapted from a similar “word” I heard in a corporate meeting. Pretty smart-sounding, don’t you think? You can use it if you want.) And yet, based on the early returns (439 votes at this writing) from our most recent poll, you are in fact more bow-centric. (Again, feel free.)

If you had told me a week ago that roughly 50 percent of you would significantly favor bowhunting over gun hunting for deer, I would have suddenly become fall-on-my-face-centric. What’s more, based on the results at this moment, a whopping 63 percent of you are as or more into bowhunting than gun hunting.

This is fascinating when you consider that the number of gun-only deer hunters significantly outnumbers that of bowhunters nationwide (I’m pretty sure; I have a phone call in to confirm that). Here’s what it tells me: You are hardcore deer hunters–just the sort one would expect to read a blog called Whitetail 365.

You want to take advantage of every opportunity to be in the deer woods, including what in many states is a long bow season. Also, when you combine the results of this poll with that of our recent “What Kind Of Hunter Are You” survey, which revealed that 49 percent of you are 35-years-old or under, I suspect that as a group you strongly reflect the popularity of bowhunting among younger deer hunters.

Which doesn’t mean that we don’t like our guns. Fifty percent of you like them just as much or more than a bow, and a full 88 percent do at least some gun hunting. So while Bestul and I will take this as a mandate to continue with the hardcore bow coverage, we’ll get the gun stuff in there, too. Which works out, as I just bought two new deer rifles I want to tell you about.