Poll: Are You a Bad-Ass Deer Hunter? (And Should Bestul Grow a Beard?)

Anyone who watches outdoor TV knows this already, but for those who don't, I'll spell it out for you: Bad-Ass Deer Hunters (BADH) wear goatees.

And it's not just TV guys. Look at Brantley. Seriously, look at him. This guy kills everything that steps within 40 yards. (Warning: Don't step within 40 yards of Brantley.) And he fulfills the other key BADH requirement of living in either the Midwest or the South--or in his case, being from Kentucky, both. He can wear the full goatee with pride.

I can't, of course. Being from New York--and not killing big enough deer--I can only get away with half a goatee. And that's a stretch. But lets talk about Bestul. Bestul should be F&S's original, resident BADH in the modern sense. This Minnesotan has killed more deer than I'll ever see, and he has a pair of gross bow Booners on his wall. And yet, he sports the lone stache--something only Tom Selleck has really, truly pulled off since the late 80s.

I took the liberty to give Bestul some chin whiskers. See what you think.

And now for our poll questions.