In an age when a growing number of readers can’t consume more than 250 words without popping an Adderall, oversimplification rules the day. And so, more than ever, deer hunting articles say simply “find the bedding area” or “set up 150 yards from the bedding area” as if these areas were roped off and all the trees inside were decorated with Christmas lights.

We know, of course, that nailing down the exact location of bedding areas ain’t so simple in the real world. Among the three main components of any deer’s non-rut pattern–a feeding area, a travel route, and a bedding area–I’d say none is more commonly guessed at than the last.

But we have a lot of hardcore deer nuts right here. Many of us have scoured the woods in every season to learn precisely where bucks like to lay their bodies down. So for the newbies, the casual hunters, the youngsters, and the legions of ADHD sufferers, let’s identify some specific top buck-bedding spots in an easily digestible poll.

Below are 15 choices of specific buck bedding areas. Take a look at the entire list first, and then go a head and pick your top five only. Again, click on only five; this is for posterity. Also, feel free to include write-in votes for different areas in the comment section. (For the few of you who voted on a far-too-convoluted version of this poll about 10 minutes ago, two things: [1] this is what happens when an English major tries to work with numbers, and [2] please vote again.)

Question: What are the top 5 primo buck bedding areas where you hunt?