Whitetail Hunting photo

When an F&S writer submits a how-to article, we often ask him to include a sketch that we can give to an illustrator for reference. This is a great source of humor for us editors–too great, it seems to me, to keep it to ourselves.

And so, above is David Draper’s latest work. I love the colors. Still, having skipped most of my Art History classes, I’m not sure I quite understand it and was going to ask Draper for an explaination. But maybe you can help.


Here’s how: Write a short story–I mean real short, a few sentences or less–describing what’s going on in the scene above.

The person who writes the best (read funniest) story will win a 64-Pack of Crayola Crayons to either keep or donate to Draper. Also, Draper himself will send you a signed copy, if you want one, to put on your fridge.