Possible Minnesota and Wisconsin Nontypical Bow Records Tagged On Opening Weekend

The 2012 archery season is less than a week old in Minnesota and Wisconsin, and yet both states already have potential new state-record bow bucks. I was on a 4-day bow hunt in northern Wisconsin for the opener, and when I returned these two photos were in my email. If the accompanying green scores are legit, these bucks will set the bar very high for the season.

Jeff Iverson of southeastern Minnesota tagged the first buck above, a beautiful nontypical that is said to have green scored 234-7/8 inches. The current Gopher State record for a bow-killed nontypical is 227-3/8, taken by Scott O’Konek in Morrison County in October of 2009.


The second buck is said to have come from central Wisconsin. While the hunter remains unnamed at this point, the buck’s reported green score of 244 should at least flirt with the Badger State’s top nontypical bow kill, a 243-6/8-inch giant taken by Wayne Schumacher in 2009 in Fond du Lac County.

We are digging for more details–and photos–of these two Midwestern giants, so stay tuned.