As always, we received a bunch of great entries in the latest caption contest, and for once Hurteau and I actually got to sit down and sort through them together. Dave is in Minnesota bowhunting with me this week, and announcing the caption contest winner was one of the items on our “to-do” list while he’s here. So here are the 10 entries that made us chuckle the loudest.

First, the nine runners-up, in no particular order:

–“In desperation, after the unbearable loss of Bullwinkle in this week’s season opener, Rocky took his last leap..” –smccardell
–“I hate truth or dare.” –fishman417
–“Angry Squirrels…There’s an app for that!!!” –Jedge
–“By the time the deer smelled acorns it was already too late.” –Brian Hard
–“Who greased the branch?” –pastorm1
–“Boys, I’ve got an idea. And if this works no more stocking up on acorns for the winter!” –Nate Gonsoulin
–“Go ahead and eat the acorns, they said. The squirrel won’t get mad, they said…” –Backwoods Hunter
–“Later, after it was all over, Squirrel regretted eating that funny-looking mushroom.” –goodolddave
–“He looked a lot smaller from up there!!!” –lairdoglencairn

And the winner, which contained a nicely-turned reference to the movie Braveheart was this gem, from Buckshott00:
They may take our acorns! But they can never take our FREEDOM!!!!!


Congrats to Buckshott00. We’ll be contacting you soon so that we can get a great Cabela’s headlamp into your hands.