To those of you who’ve been following the “Help Me Kill My Buck, Win the Rack” posts: First, thanks for the great suggestions. Second, I’ve run into a problem–or a problem ran into the buck, as it were. After a few more hunts and no sightings, I figured he was off chasing does on another farm. But according to the landowners, he was actually off chasing does in the big woodlot in the sky, after being hit by a car. What a rotten end for such a fine buck.

Nonetheless, I’m still determined to give away some antlers. All this week, I’m bowhunting with Bestul on his home turf. As you read this, I am freezing my butt in a southeastern Minnesota treestand, waiting for something with four points on one side to do something stupid. So in the meantime, let’s turn our usual scoring contest on its head: Usually, we show you a picture of a buck and ask you to guess the gross B&C score of the rack. This time, your challenge is to guess the gross score before you see the buck–and before I shoot it.

In other words, just give me a gross score. Take a shot in the dark. If I do arrow a buck and your guess is closest to the critter’s actual gross score (as measured by Bestul and I), I’ll send you the rack. As I said before, when someone says, “Where’d you get that one?” you’ll have an unusual story to tell.

But before you guess, here are a few things you ought to know:

–This area has a 4-points-on-a-side APR, as alluded to.

–I passed a 100-inch-or-so 2-year-old 8-pointer this evening.

–But I had to think about it…

There, now have at it.