Well, my efforts to give away a rack are foiled again. As you know, I spent last week bowhunting with Bestul on his home stomping grounds in southeast Minnesota. It was one of those hunts–any of you who carry a bow a lot will understand–when the deer you want are just out of range or blocked by brush and the ones you don’t want are licking your tree steps.

Plus, there just weren’t many of the former on their feet, it seemed. We saw only two P&Y-class bucks during the week. All the other good bucks, apparently, were busy with does.

Those of you who guessed in the 130s were about a foot away from being right, as a tall, clean 8-pointer–the only shooter that stepped within bow range–only needed to clear a small honeysuckle bush for me to get a shot. Of course, he didn’t. But that’s bowhunting. For those of you who guessed zero, as in no deer, you win the satisfaction of being right and an invitation to gloat in the comment section below. What we did manage to shoot were some video tips, which we will bring to you shortly.

Before I left Minnesota, Bestul, who killed his 160-class home-state bow buck weeks ago, revealed to me his new foolproof bow tactic for the rut: “Kill your buck before it starts.” Maybe he should have shared that before I booked my plane ticket.