Whitetail Hunting photo

As most of you know, I recently hosted Hurteau on an archery hunt, and although Dave did have a couple of those “if only” moments so common to bowhunting, he didn’t go home with a Minnesota whitetail. Since I was tagged out, I had the pleasure of shadowing him for much of the week. On the other hand, when you hunt with your editor, he makes you work. And so, between and during hunts, we put together a bunch of video tips.

This first one focuses on the importance of water during the rut. A lot of hunters think that water is only important during hot weather; in fact, it’s really important during the rut, too. Bucks that are running hard need to hydrate, and water sources are also great places for them to find does. I can’t tell you how many times being close to a water source has paid off for me and my friends over the years, but it’s a bunch. As a matter of fact, Hurteau himself arrowed one of his best bucks at my place, while hunting over a water hole during the late stages of the rut. So one morning as we left the stand, I asked Dave if he’d mind checking out a nearby pond. He said, “Sure, as long as you don’t mind my sticking a camera in your face.”