Big Buck Alert: 6 Giant Mystery Whitetails

In looking through my email inbox and realize there are some truly monstrous bucks taken this fall that I've not yet posted. In most cases, I was simply waiting for more information that never came; others are hot off the electronic press, with--as usual--few details. At any rate, it's time to put them up for your viewing pleasure. And hey, if you know anything about some of these jaw-droppers, feel free to chime in and say so.

1. Drop-Tine Wisconsin 8
This monster is said to have been taken in southern Wisconsin during that state's recently completed firearms season. The left-side drop tine is reportedly 13 inches long, and the G-2 on that side 17 inches. The rumored net green scored 180, gross in the 200-inch neighborhood. This is certainly of the biggest 8's I've ever seen.

****2. Canada Chocolate-Horned Giant**
**So far, I have very little information on this fantastic, heavy-horned buck, other than Devin Moore of Washington, Oklahoma, reportedly shot it on a recent hunt in Canada. The rumor is that it could break into the B&C Top Ten. Incredible mass!******

******3. Jacob's Giant**
****I learned about this buck from a friend who sent me the photo with just three details--and then disappeared into the woods to hunt again. The buck had showed up on trail cams for several seasons but had eluded hunters until my friend's, friend's son--who I know is named Jacob--shot the buck last month. The gross score is 191-7/8." From Minnesota or Wisconsin..

4. Saskatchewan Pickup
Boone & Crockett recognizes bucks that have been picked up (not harvested by a hunter, but found), which appears to be the case with this symmetrical giant from Saskatchewan (say that three times, fast). I have virtually zero info here, but it looks like this one could place high in the B&C book.

5. "230-Inch" Canada Typical?
Our friends to the north seem to be havin' lots a fun, eh? I've got nothing on this monster at all…except a headline on an email that says "230" green. I showed this picture to a veteran B&C scorer who was skeptical about that figure, but admitted that it was "damn big."

6. Indiana 8
Bringing the action back down south of the border, this gorgeous 8-point is said to have come from a herd-reduction hunt on or near Camp Atterbury, which is a military training facility in Edinburgh, Indiana.