There’s nothing quite like the sound of a delivery truck pulling up to your driveway to drop off a new toy–specially a hunting toy that you didn’t have to pay for. Of course, I’m referring to the Bear Motive 6 compound bow, the company’s new flagship model and the prize in our first scoring contest of 2013. So without further yammering, let’s check out the actual scores of the bucks you eyeballed, and then see who guessed the best.

Buck #1, taken by Timmy Langley, grossed 133-4/8. Buck #2, tagged by David Westmoreland, goes 198 even. Buck #3, shot by David Hahn, scores 125 even, and Buck #4, taken by Tony Walker, tallies 146-1/8 gross B&C.

And so, the total gross score for all four bucks is 602-5/8–and the winner is…iammaxwell, with a guess of 602-4/8.

Amazing job! How you can get within 1/8 of an inch on four different deer is beyond me. What’s more, two others were within 2/8 and more than 15 of you guess within an inch of the actual total. Awesome work.

Congrats again to iammaxwell. We’ll be contacting you soon so we can get that delivery truck on its way.