Bestul and I are in the midst of a giant bow test, and so we are shooting a lot. (Nothing like a deadline to get you out on the range.) But before I took any shots for posterity, I spent a half a day or so warming up at 30 and 40 yards, jotting down my group sizes just for fun. After that, I put the target out at 60 and shot 20 three-shot groups.

Now, you have read from me and Bestul and many others that long-range shooting can really help your accuracy at typical hunting ranges. But today, I can
quantify it.

Before shooting at 60, my average three-shot group at 30 yards (based on 10 groups) measured exactly 3.08 inches. No great shakes. What can I tell you; it’s been a long winter.

But after shooting at 60 and then moving the target back to 30, the bull looked at least a half size bigger and my average three-shot group for my next 10 groups shrank to 2.56 inches. In other words, I shaved a half-inch off my 30-yard groups with just one half-hour-or-so-long session at 60.

Okay, I’m ready to hunt. When’s the next season?