Whitetail Hunting photo

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Now this is interesting. In our past contests (brush guns, all-around rifles, all-around cartridges), it’s been chalk, chalk, chalk. But the Division II long-range contest was an outbreak of upsets. Three of four favorites went down, as the underdog .280 Remington topped the 7mm STW, the plain-Jane .270 Winchester took down its short-mag sibling, and the vanilla .308 thumped the .264 Winchester Magnum. Meanwhile, the .300 Winchester Magnum predictably dropped the 7mm- 08. And thus, our Elite Eight is set.

And so on to it: Check out the bracket (you can click here to print out a copy if you want to fill it out by hand). Then vote for your preferred long-range deer cartridge in each matchup below, as usual, to begin the Elite Eight round. We’ll follow up soon with the Final Four, and finally the F&S Long-Range Deer Cartridge Championship.