I’m sorry. Did I write “favorite” or “all-purpose” cartridges instead of “long-range” in the headline for the last round? I must have. Let me see…. Oh wait, I did write “long-range.” Hmm. And yet the .30-06 beat the 7mm Rem. Mag? And the .25-06 thumped the .257 Weatherby? Am I reading that right?

Kidding. Kidding.

Shocked as I am that the 7mm Mag. will not make it into finals, and upset as I am that my pet favorite .257 Weatherby didn’t advance, I will not question the wisdom of our readers (except to say, “Are you people nuts?!”). It’s your contest; you can vote for whatever you like (no matter how misguided and fundamentally wrong). And so you have. And thus, we have our Final Four, featuring the o6s up against each other and the all-around favorite .270 Win vs. the .300 Win Mag.

You know what to do. Unless you don’t, in which case: Check out the bracket (you can click here to print out a copy if you want to fill it out by hand). Then vote for your preferred long-range deer cartridge in each matchup below, as usual, to begin the Final Four round. We’ll follow up soon with the Final Four, and finally the F&S Long-Range Deer Cartridge Championship.