As I think I’ve mentioned, Bestul and I are writing a book called [The Total Deer Hunter Manual]( Stream/dp/1616286083) (this is a preliminary image of the cover, as you can see). And as writers often do, we are working on the introduction last. Now, the intro itself we’ve got under control. But on the same page, we want to include a sidebar with a list called: “10 Ways to Know You Are Deer Crazy.”

For example, off the top of my head:
[1] A full-body deer target lives on your lawn so many months of the year that your neighbors think it’s yard art.
[2] You read the word “does” as doze even when it means duz.
[3] You can turn any topic into a discussion about deer: Talking to your wife’s lactation consultant you say: “Why a whole year? A whitetail fawn is done suckling after six months…”

You get the idea, right? So we figured, for this sidebar, why not ask the deer craziest among us–namely, you? Tell us one or two ways to know you are deer crazy, and if we pick yours to use in the book we’ll send you a free copy. Have at it.