I am just back from testing bows in Kentucky with a Norwegian and a couple of rednecks. Before I left, I checked the status of our Final Four matchups and saw that the .30-06 was flogging the life out of it’s little .25 caliber nephew–shocker–and that the .270 was inching ahead of the .300 Win. Mag.

This had me a little afraid to return. I knew that if nothing changed our long-range deer cartridge final would be a .30-06-vs.-.270 repeat of the all-purpose deer cartridge final of 2010, and that I would have to fall down dead from ennui.

It was a damned near thing. But lucky for me (if not for you), the .300 made a last-minute surge, and here I am, still standing, to present you with a championship matchup that is only half as boring as it might have been.

And so, without further buildup, it is the .30-06 vs. the .300 Win. Mag. for all the long-range deer marbles. Have at it. Vote for you preferred cartridge below to crown the Champ (and if you pick the .30-06 again, I’m going to drive to your house and steal the bolt out of your Remington 700).