Last month, I asked you to finish the sentence: “You may be deer crazy if…,” which you did with such great deft and humor that instead of picking 10 to go in our new book “[The Total Deer Hunter Manual]( Stream/dp/1616286083),” we went with almost 30.

Below are the winners, in no particular order (some reworked a bit; sorry that’s what editors do). Many thanks to all, and we’ll be contacting the winners soon about your free copy of the book when it comes out in the fall.

“…while watching Bambi with the kids, you rough score Bambi’s dad.” –Cody, Las Vegas, NV

“…you became a teacher for the 3 straight weeks of deer hunting over Christmas break.” –Ncarl

“…you make a gun with your index finger and thumb to take out Santa’s reindeer in the neighbor’s Christmas decorations.” –Ncarl

“…your yard is planted with Biologic.” –ruckinger2

“…you put more effort into naming bucks than you did naming your kids.” –smccardell

“…you balk at deodorant, fearing you won’t be scentless–in May.” –natureonthefly

“…when your significant other says ‘Dear,’ you reply ‘Where?'” –neuman23

“…you buy your wife a new treestand for Christmas in October.” –Savageshot

“…’Taxidermy Bill’ is a line in of your annual budget.” –MitchCritt

“…you keep your most expensive clothing in a trash bag with leaves and dirt.” –MitchCritt

“…instead of family pictures in your wallet, you have trail camera photos of hit-list bucks.” –Bioguy01

“…you drive a little faster when you see a deer crossing sign.” –Mdhunter1

“…you start a fight in church over whether Noah took a typical or nontypical buck aboard the ark.” –MICHMAN

“…you schedule your vacations around the moon phases!” –24scottk

“…the smell of ‘Doe-in-Estrous’ turns you on.” –TMurray61

“…you follow the price of corn like a Wall Street commodities trader.” –mnobles23

“…you broke up with your girlfriend because she refused to bottle her mid-cycle urine like you asked.” –airbornedoc

“…you start every letter with ‘Deer…'” –Gat1162

“…you first saw a Drone in the news and thought ‘Mobile Trail Cam.'” –FofvV

“…your son’s name is Buck and your daughter’s is Fawn.” –Keith Richardson

“…you put a bigger set of antlers on your 3D buck target because you would have passed him with the ones he came with.” –juthompson

“…when a non-hunting friend says ‘Look at that rack,’ you scan for deer.” –timber1ghost

“…you total your truck hitting a deer and think, ‘I hope the backstraps are okay.'” –olinger302

“…your wife leaves you on November 8th, and you don’t notice until the 18th.” –Amflyer

“…your main motivation for starting your own business was more time in the woods.” –1ojolsen

“…when shopping for a new family vehicle, your first consideration is ‘Where will I put the deer?'” –tduko

“…you’ve stood up a date to track a deer you didn’t shoot.” –Logan88